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A letter to Seoul’s best people

Hello again!

If everything goes fine, then these words are online now and you are reading them. All I need are few more minutes of your time.

This letter is for Yeseul, Clara, Carina, Ahreum and Jinsung. This is my way of saying thank you for everything:

I always hated goodbyes. I have hated them since I was a kid and I hate them now that we are on our way to Incheon Airport. Stephanie is by my side and all I can feel is her pain and sadness because we are leaving. There is a silence between us right now and it is because we know that if any of us says something we’re going to start crying. And once tears come down they will not stop.

I can feel in my heart that pain and sadness too. That is something that I have never imagined on feeling for a place or for people like you. Before coming here you were just “my girlfriend’s friends”, now I feel happiness because I know that you are my friends too. It feels great to say that Stephanie and I have friends overseas, it feels great to have you.

When I met everyone of you, it was a special moment because I saw how you treated Stephanie, with your gifts and hugs, smiles and guiding us through the city. I really learnt that true friendship is real and I thank you for showing me that.

In this city I falled more in love of Stephanie. Staying with her all these days and watching her smile and enjoy the little things that Seoul has makes me want to live a long life with her. And all that happiness, that feeling of fullness, was also because of you guys.

I also falled in love with your country. I loved the atmosphere that surrounds Seoul and the spicy food it has (my god it was really spicy). I came here without any expectations and I am leaving with a smile in my heart and tears in my eyes, because I don’t want to leave. WE don’t want to leave. That’s why we’ll come back in a year or two. I guess that now I am speaking for Stephanie too, so I will say it: We will come back to South Korea, because we love the country, the culture, the food and, of course, we love you guys.

Thank you for every one of you. I offer you my sincere friendship and promise you that I will write of Seoul and you will be there. We really enjoyed being here. Stephanie is lucky to have you and I am lucky to be in her life.

Thanks for the friendship.


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